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How much water should I use in my pipe?

Typically, we recommend filling enough water that the percolator is fully submerged. If you use too much water, it can be difficult to pull the smoke through the water. If you use too little, you will not be utilizing the full potential of the bong’s filtration and percolators. This description may vary depending in which product you’ve got, we do recommend adding more water than that in pieces such as recyclers, so you see them swirling that water throughout the whole rig!

How should I clean my bong?

We recommend using isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean your bong. Fill with salt and add alcohol. Plug openings and shake to allow the salt and alcohol to clean off any built up resin. Rinse your now clean bong with boiling water, followed by cool water. Rinse three times to clear out any of the cleaning solution.

What are the functions of percolators?

When the smoke comes out of percolators through bubbles, there is more surface that touches the water, this meaning that the more bubbles there is the smoother the hit will be.



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